Google’s AI Smorgasbord at I/O Conference

Google’s AI smorgasbord includes Sidekick and PaLM.

Google’s artificial intelligence products were announced on May 11, according to Reuters. But users may need AI to even understand all of them.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O), a unit of Alphabet Inc., demonstrated or referred to at least 15 AI products and features on Wednesday. These ranged from software for creating smartphone background images to another to organize personal files to still another to edit photos.

Google’s I/O Conference in Mountain View, California was a head-spinning event. Google released a press release from the conference that said: \”DuetAI serves as your expert couple programmer, and assists cloud users in contextual code completion. It offers suggestions tailored to your codebase, generates entire functions in real time, and helps you with code review and inspection.\”