How to deal with AI threats: Avoiding denial, shaming and resignation

The AI ‘Don’t look up’ thinking that could doom us
Imagine a large asteroid was discovered and it was revealed that the majority of astronomers believed it had a 10% chance to wipe out humans, much like a similar asteroid did 66 million year ago. We have a long tradition of analyzing this threat, and thinking about what we can do to combat it. From scientific conferences to Hollywood blockbusters. You might expect that humanity would shift into high gear, with a deflection to steer the asteroid in a safe direction.

Unfortunately, I feel like we are living in the movie \”Don’t look up\”, as another existential danger is unaligned Superintelligence. Soon, we may have to share the planet with \”minds\” more intelligent than ourselves that don’t care about us as much as they care about mammoths. Recent survey shows that AI has a 10% chance to cause human extinction. You might think that since we’ve been thinking about this issue for so long, and have tried to find solutions, including scientific conferences and Hollywood blockbusters to combat it, humanity would be in high gear to guide AI into a more controlled direction. Instead, most of the responses were a mixture of denial and mockery. It was so darkly funny that it deserved an Oscar.

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