Numenta: The Secrets of the Human Brain. Exploring the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence

Ever wondered what makes someone intelligent? How do you see, hear and think? How can you read, sing or solve problems with intelligence?

The brain creates a world model, which then becomes the basis for everything that you know. This model is the basis of everything you do and learn. Intelligence comes from the ability to build this model.

How can a group of brain cells create a complete model of everything and the world? The Thousand Brains Theory offers an answer. It also gives a blueprint on how to create truly intelligent machines.

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Produced by Mind’s Eye Creative Studio:
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Numenta leads the way in machine intelligence. Our experience in theoretical neurobiology research has allowed us to make some incredible discoveries about how the brain functions. We developed a framework known as the Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence, which will be crucial to the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine-learning. We are solving today’s bottlenecks by applying this theory to deep learning systems.