OpenBioML: Stability AI launches OpenBioML to unlock the frontiers of biotech using AI

Stability AI supports efforts to bring machine-learning to biomed

Stability AI, a venture-backed startup that developed the text-to image AI system Stable Diffusion is now funding a broad effort to apply AI at the frontiers in biotech. OpenBioML’s initial projects will be focused on machine-learning-based approaches for DNA sequencing, folding of proteins and computational biochemistry.

According to Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque, the company’s founders refer to OpenBioML as a \”open research lab\” that aims to explore AI and biology at an intersection where students, professionals, and researchers can collaborate and participate.

Mostaque, in an email to TechCrunch, said that \”OpenBioML\” is one of Stability’s independent research communities. Stability is working to develop and democratize AI. Through OpenBioML we see a chance to advance the current state of science, health, and medicine.


Stability AI backs effort to bring machine learning to biomed