Reconstructing imagined sentences in near real time using AI and fMRI

AI and MRI can detect what the brain is hearing

There are many ways to see what the brain does, from electrodes with low resolution that track the waves of activity that ripple through the brain to implanted electrodes that can follow individual cell activity. We’ve done some amazing things using a combination of detailed knowledge about which brain regions are involved in certain processes. For example, we can use functional MRI to determine the letter a person is looking at, or a robotic hand implanted to control a robot arm.

Researchers have announced today a new mind-reading technique that is impressive in scope. Combining fMRI brain scanning with a system similar to the predictive text on cell phones, researchers were able to work out the gist and meaning of sentences a person was hearing in real-time. The system is not perfect and it makes many mistakes. However, it is flexible enough to reconstruct an imaginary monologue.