San Francisco Police Allows Robots to Use Lethal Force

San Francisco Police considers letting robots employ ‘deadly’ force

Mission Local reported that the San Francisco Police Department was proposing a policy which would allow robots to kill. In the draft policy that outlines the SFPD’s use of military-style weapons and outlines the SFPD’s ability to use robots, it states: \”Robots may be used as a deadly option when the risk of death or injury to officers or members of the public is imminent, and this option outweighs all other options.\”

Mission Local reported that members of the Board of Supervisors Rules Committee had been reviewing the new policy on equipment for several weeks. Aaron Peskin added the phrase \”robots may not be used to use force against anyone\” after the original draft was published.

The SFPD, however, returned the draft, with a red dotted line crossing out Peskin’s addition and replacing it with a line giving robots the power to kill suspects. Mission Local reports that Peskin accepted the change after deciding \”that there could be scenarios in which lethal force is the only option.\” San Francisco’s rules committee unanimously approved the draft version last week. The Board of Supervisors will review the document on November 29th.