Shins Framework: Automated quadrupedal robot bipedalism reaches new heights

Innovative Shins Turns Quadrupedal Robot Biped

What will you be working on next?

Rosendo: The next step…will be to develop the manipulability of the robot. We have asked ourselves: \”Now we can stand, what can do we that other robots can’t?\” and we have already had some preliminary results in climbing places higher than the robot’s center of gravity. We will be able to better evaluate complex handling, such as that which requires both hands, after the mechanical changes made on the forelimbs. This is not common in mobile robots.

This week, Chen Yu and Andre Rosendo, from ShanghaiTech University in Japan, presented a Multi-Modal Leg Locomotion Framework using Automated Residual Reinforcement Learning at IROS2022. Github has more details.