Slack User Experience: AI at the Front of the Line

Updates to Slack aim to place AI at the heart of the user experience

Slack is no longer a communications platform, but enables businesses to connect directly to enterprise apps without the need to switch tasks. At the Salesforce World Tour in NYC today, the company announced that it is taking the next step of its platform evolution by putting AI in the forefront, allowing users to easily get information and create workflows.

These are only announcements and some of these features may not be available yet.

Rob Seaman states that they’re not just slapping AI on the cover of Slack, but are working to integrate it in various ways. Last month, they took a first step by partnering with OpenAI and bringing a ChatGPT application into Slack. This was the beginning of a larger vision for AI across the platform. This part is currently in beta.


Slack updates aim to put AI at the center of the user experience