StarCoder: ServiceNow and Hugging Face Research Unleash Free AI Code-Generating Model

Hugging Face and ServiceNow have released a code-generating model for free

AI startup Hugging face and ServiceNow Research (the R&D arm of ServiceNow) have released StarCoder. It is a free alternative for code-generating AI system similar to GitHub’s Copilot.

Code-generating tools like DeepMind AlphaCode, Amazon’s CodeWhisperer, and OpenAI Codex (which powers Copilot) provide a tantalizing look at what AI can do in the world of computer programming. If the ethical, legal and technical issues can be resolved (and AI-powered tools do not cause more security vulnerabilities and bugs than they fix), then they could reduce development costs while allowing programmers to focus on creative tasks.

A study by the University of Cambridge found that at least half of the developer’s time is spent on debugging, not programming. This costs the software industry $312 billion annually. Only a few AI code generators have been freely made available to the public, reflecting the commercial motivations of the companies that built them (see Replit).


Hugging Face and ServiceNow release a free code-generating model