Team Tempest: UK Japan and Italy join forces to create 6th-Gen Fighter

Team Tempest – The UK, Japan and Italy will collaborate to develop a new 6th generation fighter
According to press release, the UK has confirmed its partnership with Japan and Italy in order to develop a 6th generation jet fighter named \”Tempest.\”

In a joint announcement, reported by Defense News, Britain, Italy and Japan announced that they will be working together on a new sixth generation fighter. There were rumors about a sixth-generation fighter project, but little else was known. The Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) had been the subject of rumors before this announcement.

According to BBC, the BBC expects that the new \”Tempest\”, as it’s been named, fighter will be able carry the most advanced weapons.

BAE Systems

The work has begun on a fast, quiet combat plane with cutting-edge sensors that can use artificial intelligence when the pilots are under stress or overwhelmed. The plane could also fire hypersonic weapons and fly without a human pilot in the event of a crisis.