Tel Aviv startup D-ID releases first-ever AI video platform

First AI video platform to integrate text-generated image and animation

D-ID, based in Tel Aviv, released today the world’s first multimodal generative AI platform that combines text and image with animation. Self-service video platform combines D-ID proprietary generative AI with GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion technologies from Open AI. Users can generate digital composites faces and speech in over 119 languages using text prompts.

Gil Perry, D-ID’s co-founder and chief executive officer, says that this is a game-changer for creators. He claims that the startup is at the cutting edge of generative AI, praising its expertise in computer vision and deep learning. Perry told me last year that the company’s vision was to \”lead the next disruption in video entertainment by creating AI generated synthetic media in an ethical way.\”

Perry says that \”long-term,\” in the rapidly evolving generative AI world, means \”next-year.\” Now he talks about offering \”digital human\” services to businesses, \”transforming how we communicate with machines, and elevating our abilities as humans.\”