Tesla AI Day 2, Exciting Demos, and Details

El Musk says Tesla AI Day 2 is going to be a day of \”hardware demonstrations\” with tons of technical information.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased what to expect at the AI Day 2 event that will take place this Friday. According to Musk’s comments, AI Day 2 is expected to be packed with discussions and demonstrations of the latest technology.

This isn’t the first AI Day for Tesla. The electric vehicle manufacturer held a similar event last year to showcase the company’s artificial intelligence work. During the event Tesla conducted a detailed discussion about its neural networks and Dojo supercomputer. They also discussed the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robotic robot. It is interesting to note that mainstream media coverage later criticized AI Day as disappointing or underwhelming.


Tesla AI Day 2 will feature “hardware demos” and tons of technical details: Elon Musk