Tesla will Become TSMC’s Largest Customer with Massive Orders for Next-Generation FSD Chips

Tesla reportedly orders massive amounts of chips for next-generation self-driving cars from TSMC

Elon is constantly trying to cut costs. Samsung made the AI chips in Teslas instead of TSMC, to save money. (TSMC produces the best chips, but they’re also the most costly.) Twitter’s mass layoffs is another example of Elon saving cash.

Elon has made it clear that he is trying hard to make Full Self-Driving work and has chosen TSMC as the manufacturer of the next generation FSD chips. Tesla is now the seventh largest customer of TSMC. He wants to switch from the 14 nm chip he uses today to 4/5 nm.

TSMC in Taiwan has reportedly received a large order from Tesla for chips to be used in its next-generation Full Self-Driving computer (FSD). This order could make Tesla TSMC’s largest customer.

In 2016, Tesla began building a team led by the legendary Jim Keller, a chip designer to create its own silicon.

The goal was to create a chip that is super-powerful and efficient to enable self-driving for consumer vehicles, without the need for additional hardware as in custom-built autonomous cars operated by Waymo and Cruise.


Tesla reportedly places massive order of next-gen self-driving chips with TSMC