The Human Touch: Exploring Artificial General Intelligence’s Potential

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is the next phase in AI

Artificial intelligence is transforming our society in all areas. Every time we use Siri or Google to ask a question or do a search, we are using AI.

The very nature of war is the same, for better or worse. The Department of Defense, like its counterparts from China and Russia, invests billions of dollars in developing and integrating AI into defense systems. This is also why DoD has embraced initiatives to envision future technologies including artificial general intelligence.

AGI is an intelligent agent’s ability to learn or understand any intellectual task the same way humans do. AGI, unlike AI, which is dependent on increasing datasets in order to perform increasingly complex tasks, will display the same attributes that are associated with the brain. These include common sense, background information, transfer learning and abstraction. The human ability to generalize incomplete or scant input is of particular interest.