The Rise of Automation – 5 Skills that AI will Never Replace

Five skills that AI can never replace

As a result of these changes there are growing concerns about the future of work in all countries. One-fourth all jobs could be automated according to surveys, which is why people are worried about their job security. There is some evidence that automation’s impact may not be as bad as people fear.

Contrary to popular opinion, automation does not mean that jobs are eliminated. It is more likely that automation will change the nature and scope of jobs by automating repetitive, easy tasks. This will allow employees to concentrate on higher-level interpersonal skills. The shift in demand is expected to increase the need for workers with skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, communication, and other areas.

The rise of technology has led to a rapid change in the nature of work. Automation and artificial intelligence are changing the type of jobs that exist in many industries. This creates new opportunities for workers who have higher-level qualifications. While there are concerns over job security, automation will change occupations rather than eliminate them, giving workers the chance to learn new skills and stay relevant in a constantly changing job market.