Uncovering the Dark Side: Five A.I. Based Attacks to Defend Security

Five A.I. Based Attacks for Offensive Security with ChatGPT Hacking with ChatGPT: Five A.I.
With its powerful A.I-based chatbot, ChatGPT could be one of the most disruptive technologies in history. Security researchers found several instances of people using ChatGPT to do everything from malware creation to exploit coding within weeks of ChatGPT being released. This video shows five ways that attackers use ChatGPT to do wrong.

Introduction to ChatGPT/NLP & GPT
ChatGPT: A tool for vulnerability discovery.
Use 1:56 Vulnerability prompts.
3:10 Writing Exploits.
3:35 Exploit Prompts To Utilize
Malware Development 4:33
5:00 Malware examples (Stealers Command & Control, 5)
ChatGPT: Polymorphic Malware development in 5:42
6:21 A.I. Based Phishing Using NLP (Natural Language Processing).
7:20 ChatGPT – An Alternative to Traditional Phishing Messages.
7:41 Custom Messages using GPT-3
Use Macros and LOLBINs.
9:33 GPT-3 (Coming Soon), GPT-4
Cybersecurity Predictions and Considerations 9:56