Waymo to Make Major Autonomous Car Push in SF with No-Driver Permitted Operations

Waymo to begin no-driver operations with the public in SF; Zoox Accident

The California PUC has granted Waymo permission to operate in San Francisco 24 hours/day, taking selected members of the public on rides without a safety driver. Waymo has said that it will start this service soon. It comes after they expanded such service in Phoenix as I reported in my earlier article about how the death and exaggeration of self-driving vehicles has been greatly overstated.

The service is only available to \”trusted testers\”, not the general public, in Chandler and Phoenix.

Waymo will begin testing with trusted testers after obtaining a public permit. Also, they start in LA to show off their robotaxi. Cruise is also stepping up its game. Zoox was involved in an accident, but the vehicle was manual. Aurora is more than just trucks.