Welcome to 2033, Exploring Near-Future Futurists Predictions through a Sci-Fi short film

Good Morning 2033
Good Morning, 2033 – A Sci-Fi short film

What will the average day look like for you in 2033? Who hacked us and when?

This sci-fi film explores some futurist predictions of the near future for 2030s.

A brain sensor sleep mask will determine when you are awakened. A gentle stimulation will help you wake up. You can drink water enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Wear your smart glasses all day. Smart scales that sense your body will allow you to do yoga and stretch while getting tips from an online trainer. A 99CRI light with 500,000 lumens can help you wake up. While you are walking, your glasses will scan your brain. Live neurofeedback helps you meditate. Biodata is used by your kitchen to determine the best health meal for you, and then a robot cooks it. You can work in VR or AR, MR or XR. Your AI assistant and avatar allows you to communicate with the rest of the world. Enter the high-tech bathroom, where UV lights and robots clean your body. Ubers are flying cars or EVTOL aircraft that can move at speeds of 300km/h. Photovoltaic material is used to cover every inch of road and building.

Creator: Cayden Pierce — https://caydenpierce.com.

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